About Us


Love Cashmere is a designer Cashmere knitwear collection made in Scotland. The collection, and its philosophy, is about combining the world's finest materials with extraordinary craftsmanship, manufacturing heritage and unique design to create a luxurious Cashmere collection for women, men and babies at an accessible price.

Our products are designed, manufactured and sold by us at our factory in Hawick, Scotland - the Home of Cashmere Knitwear.

We have over 35 years of experience in the Cashmere knitwear manufacturing industry, producing the highest quality Cashmere knitwear for some of the world's best known designer brands.

The level of quality is world class, and the 100% Cashmere products are knitted using traditional hand processes by craftsmen and women who have passed down their skills over generations.

The Scottish Cashmere story is a unique journey spanning many generations of perfection, quality and refinement. Scottish Cashmere is world renowned for its strength, and long lasting durability. No other place in the world can produce such high quality knitwear.

Love Cashmere is worn by customers who appreciate the pleasure and properties of Scottish Cashmere knitwear, and who desire precious Cashmere to become part of their lifestyle.

Love Cashmere uses designer proportions and designs which are studied to create evocative luxurious must have pieces, that are timeless.

Since every product that we sell is designed, manufactured and sold directly by ourselves - we are able to offer designer cashmere accessories of the highest quality, at the best possible price.


Bentley Cotton 21g Knitting Frame



The Love Cashmere label is a symbol of ultimate Scottish quality. All of our products are knitted from the world's finest Cashmere gathered directly from 100% sustainable sources in Inner Mongolia.  Cashmere Capra Hicus goats live in temperatures of -40°c. Extra fine cashmere filaments protect the goats from extreme cold - this is what gives cashmere its unique warming properties and super light nature.  The Cashmere fibre is dyed, carded and spun into unique colours using the softest and purest Scottish water.

We use the best cashmere yarns from Cariaggi and Todd & Duncan yarn to produce our luxuriously soft cashmere pieces.



Scotland remains a world destination of excellence for spinners, knitters and producers. We are very proud to sell our Love Cashmere items to a worldwide marketplace, and hope you enjoy this ultimate cashmere product as much as we love making it.